👣🙊🙌🏿  close ears, open eyes and walk… 


As I walk,

the dusted, potholed gravel road;

Heading resiliently,

towards destiny;

Shaken and Broken.

The road ahead’s so diminish,

shivering as my inside is freezing;

My belly housed layers of ice,

hailing from my lower back,

through the backbone to the logical cells.

I’m brain dead,

In need of revival.

I need the world to defrost me,

To relieve my abdominal strain, and

level my mental instability.

The wind striking towards me, it is so dry, and

I am so drunk,

with voices that says;

“behold, the journey you undertaking is not made for people like you”

Ey, Resistant;

I chinned up, rearrange my focus.

Tall I kept,

Besides me,

I held memories, my past aside.

My mind kept my story, and

My heart observed history.

Something inside said;

“I am amazingly talented,

Amazingly fun”

“I am amazingly well, and

Amazingly, in a healing process”

“I could be better, and

become a better person”.

Raise your african flag first….

Social networks are painted with France flag… And I’m wondering….

Did you put iflag lase libya, malawi, kenya, ethiopia, and somalia when they had crisis?

When Children went missing in Nigeria, did you put on Nigerian flag, When the church collapsed in Nigeria killing 116 people which 80 of them were South African citizens, Did you put eyala ekhaya when people died in Marikana?

   Moving on…

I am an African, I have reserved any comments about the attack of France. It is very difficult for an African to commit into such, under the circumstances that Africans had been through in the past. But as an opinionated person it’s against the principles of social interest and literature to be biased.If i may share my sentiments, it won’t be that of an African but of a being who’s affected by the shake of the world, with a heart that feels in a wake of struggle.

A sin is to have eyes, see and not get touched by what you saw.

Inhumanity is to have ears, hear the screams of the wounded and not personifies the tragic.

Ignorance is when you think such occurrences can only happen from a distance, away from where you living and concludes as being safe… In saying that I personally refuse to be inhuman and ignorant.
We are of the same God, differ by religions and beliefs, we eat, drink from the same soil and river that differ by location, our nations are divided by the same big oceans that God Almighty created from the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern to the Arctic Oceans, we wear the same fabric that is engineered by the same science from the west, the east, north and the south, we express ourselves through the sound of our tone, some through the language of God “sign language”, we all live and will die another day as the famous James Bond say. And right now a cloud is hanging over God’s creation in France, and in other worlds.
The Lord is watching high up there, his Children slaughtering each other… My prayers are with the innocent civilians in France, the young and promising youth of France, the single women who strive so hard to carry their homes and find comfort in fear of the future while their husbands and sons will be out trying to protect their nation and pride…. Support!