Do you remember Freedom?

I remember;

The ‘apartness’ of National Party

Oh! Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd

Thick skinned, heart of steel.

I remember;

Balthazar Johanne Vorster

The detention mechanic.

I remember;

Non-violence protest, defiance campaign and Armed struggle.

Blood bath, on the streets of Bantu,

Of the deprived innocent students,

Hector Peterson was only thirteen,

A minor within his rights to education.

Masses sung Mayibuy’ iAFRIKA

With sorrows drown in hymns

and the last will and wishes of Tiyo Soga

“Lizalis’ idinga lakho Thixo nkosi yenyaniso”

Hadn’t African pledged and prayed

“Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica”

In a state of emergency,

Enoch Sontonga would’ve died in vain.

Biko! Biko! Biko!

Black consciousness cried so hard

“Senzeni na, Senzeni na?”

Bantu Biko died, so far from home

Perhaps imprisonment to him,

was peace, better than society…

So far from Democracy…

Freedom?..Bantu had walked past;

Soweto uprising of ’76

Freedom?…you’re the price of

69 deaths in Sharpville massacre

45 deaths in Boipatong massacre

28 deaths in Bisho massacre

Freedom?…you’re the sacrifice

Of the nights never slept

In Alexander township, crossroad, kliptown,

Tsakane and many more around South Africa.

But I remember Bantu education

So is dompas

Anti-pass women’s march of ’56

Was never in vain, the power of rock

Lillian Ngoyi, Dorothy Nyembe,

Adelaide Tambo, Albertina Sisulu.

God bless you and all the 19996 other women.

Winnie Mandela was just sixteen

By the time of the pass law act of ’52

Helen Joseph you’re worthy of that ISITHALANDWE

Labour said;

“Injury to one is an injury to all”

A comrade states that;

“Your vote, and my vote counts”

As a united front;

we shall mark the queues

Fill the voting stations, ballot to box

elections shall set us free

Hence the People’s choice, by majority

Because “People shall govern”

Mandela said;

“the time is now, Show the world we’re one”

together we shall strive

Unlock the jail cells

Free mental, physical and social slavery

Let the man, African man reign

God!!! The force of masses;

Deflected racial segregation;

Forfeited apartheid

27 April 1994, a peaceful emotional reference.

An architect of legitimate freedom charter.

10 April 1993, Remember Chris Hani?

“Why did I join the SACP? Why was I not just satisfied with the ANC? I belonged to a world, in terms of my background, which suffered I think the worst extremes of apartheid. A poor rural area where the majority of working people spent their time in the compounds, in the hostels, away from their families. A rural area where there were no clinics and probably the nearest hospital was 50kms away – generally a life of poverty with the basic things unavailable. Where our mothers and our sisters would walk 3km and even 6km whenever there was a drought to fetch water. Where the only fuel available was going 5-6 km away to cut wood and bring it back.

“I had seen the lot of black workers, extreme forms of exploitation. Slave wages, no trade union rights, and for me the appeal of socialism was extremely great. Where it was said that workers create wealth, but in the final analysis they get nothing – they get peanuts in order to survive and continue working for the capitalists. I didn’t get involved with the workers’ struggle out of theory alone. It was a combination of theory and my own class background. I never faltered in my belief in socialism despite all the problems currently. For me that belief is strong because that is still the life of the majority of the people with whom I share a common background.”

(cited in Smith and Tromp)