Lights Off, She’s gone now¬†

Lights off, she’s gone now

Life off, she’s gone to rest

My pride and joy

Evening tales,

and morning melodies

Aren’t gonna be there

no more

Vail the curtains

So it goes

her spirit

Silly, crazy mind

thought death would wait for me

But death wait for no man

I’ve been gone to work


You stood

tight on the brink of war

Your heart pounding

Through a piercing pain

You sat

set your eyes for higher power

Your hand raised

So long to reach and touch your savior

While your Body

slowly giving away strength

I think

I think the flash

Had already been smelling the dust

Angels dancing in your sight

Cause in that instant

Mountains collapsed,

gravity pulled

You slipped through my hand before I could rescue you

Mother Earth wildly opened

sucked you in

I hated, so cold a heart


Bleeding from the finer bottom

Of my human roots

I had to sob, so hard alone

in my own space and time

dig deeper

Not only the grounds

my soul too

To tie down,

bandage and calm my heart

Let go

of the God’s creation

So the coffin

would settle down fine

Engraved stone

To close the Grave

“You were born,

under certainties

you live

And you shall rest in peace

till we meet again”