He might be gone, but his memory long lives in our heart…

I feel every South African citizen should remember and reflect to this day in April 1993, Just one year 17 days to the future of a New Democratic South Africa. The anger, and vengeance in that ballot paper to the box that held what was supposed to be a free Society, with lot of great opportunities.
I was young back then but it touches me even today because it was very much close to home(African)

What did the blood of Chris Hani had to symbolize, when we keep going back and giving away our power, rights and state of belonging?

10 April 1993, Remember Chris Hani?

Remember Comrade Hani… We, the Youth of South Africa should always reflect to his style of Leadership… The legacy he left for us so to carry on fighting from the Ground.

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“Why did I join the SACP? Why was I not just satisfied with the ANC? I belonged to a world, in terms of my background, which suffered I think the worst extremes of apartheid. A poor rural area where the majority of working people spent their time in the compounds, in the hostels, away from their families. A rural area where there were no clinics and probably the nearest hospital was 50kms away – generally a life of poverty with the basic things unavailable. Where our mothers and our sisters would walk 3km and even 6km whenever there was a drought to fetch water. Where the only fuel available was going 5-6 km away to cut wood and bring it back.

“I had seen the lot of black workers, extreme forms of exploitation. Slave wages, no trade union rights, and for me the appeal of socialism was extremely great. Where…

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