Letter to my daughter – Daddy’s little one

imageDear Baby dearest,
I took a recess from fear,
the microscopic view.
I saw; vividly a girl
As early in her twenties,
Appalled by fatherly insecurities;
My fears all gathered.
You seemed fragile,
and yet mentally eager to rock the world, untamed.
Free from daddy’s shadow,
Glittering all by yourself
I saw; you breaking the shells,
entering life by thorns.

Baby girl I pray
That you’ll outlive me
Whenever you become a woman
Be assertive and reel the stand
Maintain and protect the standard of womanhood
You gorgeous, lovable and sweet
Boys will be falling off your feet
Sweet Scheming to lure you into their sheets
You so sheer, smart better than daddy
Be firm,sober minded and Shy away,
To further your life purposes

I plead to God;
To keep you not holier than though
But healthier, and protected,
as much as the sun will set
Furthermore I pray,
That you never wander around, searching for love
It’s all wrapped around safely in my heart.
Reserved for time;
they’ll convince you need one
You undoubtedly come;
knocking at the doors of my heart
Carefully coop and own it
It’s everlasting,
It’s daddy’s love
Fully covered and reserved
Just for you!!!


You see yesterday?

I had these dreams;

Vividly in the blink of an eye,

Yet the future remained bleak,

as a black child of the valley.

I had them, regardless;

Wrapped around someone’s footsteps.

I had them, dreams;


by what the eye saw, the ear heard.


Driven by the lust of finer entities.


I had first to live,

attaining dreams of the father, and mother;

In advance of mine,


I am the first born.

A being tested to patch,

sew and knit,

the wounds and holes of yesterday.

Tie the knots, to keep afloat the bloodline;

These dreams I had.


I had all along,


to lay a bed of roses;

wear on a mask as normal

it would appeal,

to a spectator’s eye and view


stripped the only streak of dignity,

I might have had,

Whilst I ventured from second to none.

You see?


You scrutinize my instances,

a tad past.

You shall find my yesterday,

in shelves,

neatly packed,

my future plans deviating.

Some of them,


incremated, and lost trace.

Either too big,

or terrifically impossible.

It was Yesterday!

Nevertheless I got to find tomorrow.


If you help me,

if you really help me,

You’d probably find that;

Some days are better than others.

If you really help,

Please dare;

Help me,

Help find tomorrow, Today.

Hope comes in bits and flashes


Yesterday, somebody said;

“With these hands, I have gold”

“With the voice, I have freedom”

And “With brains, I shall rule tomorrow”.

If you help me, Please.

Help me!