I’d like to believe being a father is beautiful. No!!! being a parent it is great, more especially being a single parent…

Shutout to the Single Mothers and Fathers out there, let’s love them our children.

We can try as much as we can to close the gaps… only because we want the best out of them daughters and boys.

Last month I paid her a surprise visit at school, she cried… That touched a very big part of me…

At the Airport…

This guy at the airport, he is standing by the entrance of the toilet… saying “welcome and enjoy” to every single person entering the toilet… I said; “no! no! bro, I’m from the location, I’m good”. I then asked, using the Kasi lingo… uGrand?

he replied with a lively smile “Sharp bro yam, you?”

he continues; “eish, I don’t wanna discriminate, my job is to do this Bro”.

Me: I understand but hey Sisonke Grootman.

I got to be reminded that I was 19, a college student, when I was told to ‘futsek’ and labeled a ‘thief’ while doing odd jobs at the Airport. It was December holidays I sacrificed going home to the valley instead, I secured a job through a labor broker, loading and offloading cargo so that I’d pay my College Fees and buy a pair of Jack Parcel.

I didn’t harbor politics then, I paid less attention to racism or rather, racial inequality, I followed sports and general information from books, a desired to be a prominent member of the community.

Fast forward:

Imagine if we can treat our subordinates in the same manner of equality, not as junior employees, or labor but as shareholders, so that, they become part of us, and value themselves as they value their superiors.

Create a working environment that would be like a meat junction, a feel of a sport field where the goal is to win as a team, same language, same spirit and same respect.