The real essential members of our community

Politicians always thought they were the only ones that are holding the country, but it’s the teller from a retail store (food and pharmacy), the black garden men and women who make sure the white farming lands are well taken care of so to produce more crops, the petrol attendants, the security officers at every entrance and exit, at any cash vehicle transporting monies to ATM’s, it’s the Miner at coal mines, the Artisan and Assistant at Eskom, Telkom, Petro SA and Transnet as well as the Operator that moves a container from ship to stack to truck to retail stores before those goods lands to a consumer, it is the Bin/Garbage collector, the Truck, Taxi and Ambulance driver, it is the Medical Doctor and Nurse that spends sleepless nights worried about another patient while the other one perished in his/her hands, is the Telecommunication Technician at Vodacom, Telkom, Mtn, and Cell C that is making sure we are able to connect and converse to one another amid of crisis, it is the Production team incl the journalist in the streets for us (people) from SABC and Multichoice ensuring the civilians are well alert of current state affairs throughout the day, it is the Pastors and Traditional healers depending on individual belief that counsel our people during this time of hardship, most of them all is the Maid/Nanny that look after children whilst these essential people are out there making sure each member of the state is able to survive yet another day. #COVID-19

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