Covid-19 philanthropists

Covid-19 came like HIV/Aids, suddenly people want to save, change society and the world at large, yet their aspiration is self enrichment. How are they going to change the world when their principles are primarily centred on volumes and income, a dilemma of trade-offs… what do they call them, philanthropists not entrepreneurs? A system of a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ kind of love… #justthinking


I’ve sat with em, shared a laughter and shed a tear with em, they were my friends, colleagues and some families, they taught me how to do work on my profession… since March 2020 they’d been dying, we buried them, but we still here not because we were better but fortunate… Thank you Lord, Camagu ko Bhayi 👏🏿 Before nine o’clock, before 2020 ends at 21:00, according to our South African minister of police I dedicate 2020 and 2021 to the medical professionals and volunteers across the globe… Wow, you guys are something else.. You deserve all the blessings. Thank you👏🏿

iZulu love letter

Ngifisa sengakubhalel’inkondlo

Ikuland’egol’ ikuwez’uthukela

Woth’ ufik’oLundi

Uyong’fica ngikulethel’ubhaskithi, nocansi

Ngikufukule, ngikonyus’intaba

Mang’qeda ngawe, nawe

ngikhombis’izwe nomhlaba


Ngikhumul’ijazi ngikulekelele

Uth’usabhekile, njalo

Ngithi mi naw’uswidi😜🤣🤣🐇

Ng’cela, ng’cela nje ugibel’ibhanoyi

Ndiza bhelukazi,

ulethe leyo nhliziyo😘😜

Uzongfica phakath kwe Nsizwa

Ukhombe nje owakh’insizwa zibhekile.


Sengohlala ngibhek’iposi

Incwad’ebhalw’ uwena Bhelukazi🤣🤣🤣.

Kuze kufike lelolanga🐇

A gift of life is life itself

At my knees

As I burn an incense,

early hours of the morning.

Fire from a candle,

A nip of gin, a shot to myself,

shot to my great warrior kings and queens

My dearest forefathers

a tin of snuff in my hand

Trying to connect with my inner being

Tradition that lingers on

An act of African customs

Significant gesture of gratitude

Calling them by their traditional names

oMvundle, oMsuthu, oBhayi ka Khetshe

I thank their riveting spirit

To have cleared my foot path,


endlessly watched over my head.


I weeped,

with content,

counting all my blessings.

It’s no mystery I’m still standing

Be it on the sideline or mainline

Life itself exceeds all benefits

As I mark three decades

and some odd years,

Bant’abadala (my ancestors)

You giving me a gift of life,

Yet for another try, for another day

Well packaged in a form of a birthday.

I shall continue with the cause

Rising and falling against the odds,

Just keep the light burning.

Yesterday, today and … COVID-19

Yesterday, today and tomorrow in tenses

Past, we wondered these dirty streets,

Unswept pavements with broken bottles and,

drinking glasses that stabbed generations

as they drank themselves to death,

Whilst dancing to sounds of disruption,

From music to voices

Rants here and there,

today the streets are forcefully at peace.

Presently we miss walking,

same spaces we walked a month ago, touch and go

nodding to familiar faces,

waving hands free from officers.

Police and Soldiers,

They were forever here,

we just didn’t see them.

Now they’re holding our breaths as never before.

Yesterday’s news:

There was my neighbor,

with a broken spirit,

suffered the loss of her young soldier.

She chose not to die in pain

and let her son’s death to be in vain,

Rather be a street vendor,

than to bury her face into a pillow.


wore her pinafore,

tied a doek on her head,

her scarf in her waist

Picked a spot,

built a stand and sold sweets.


the same table stand extended,

her items expanded,

humility unchanged.

She wears the same smile,

like her sweets however,

now bold to the size of her stand,

So firm yet warm,

like the taste of her gatsby and vetkoek,

along a tenable work ethic.

Today, she woke up to the news,

that demanded her to remain indoors,

so to speak ‘flatten the curve’.

With her flat stomach from starvation,

She tightens her belt and,

Soldier along.

Because she doesn’t know what tomorrow would be like.



Ngesiquphe singahlelile



Neli lixa lizodlula.


Inkxunguphal’ uxhatshazwa

kukuxhaphazela kwamaphaphu.

Ngenxa yokuphaxwa nokuxikizwa

Zizifo zemihl’esiphila kuyo.

Ubuxikixiki nobuxakaxak’


Ixesha lixhatshwe yinja

Amaxhal’axeli ndlala


Nabo torho babhityel’ebhulukhwen’impilwe ndoda.

Bathi sihlambe izandla

Ucoceko lelona khubalo,




Ibayinkom’edla yodwa,

Impangampanga ye lolo

intw’ehamba yodwa ngath’inotokoloshe

Ongqondo ngqondo basabhunga

Zihlangene ngentloko, zihlinz’impuku.

The real essential members of our community

Politicians always thought they were the only ones that are holding the country, but it’s the teller from a retail store (food and pharmacy), the black garden men and women who make sure the white farming lands are well taken care of so to produce more crops, the petrol attendants, the security officers at every entrance and exit, at any cash vehicle transporting monies to ATM’s, it’s the Miner at coal mines, the Artisan and Assistant at Eskom, Telkom, Petro SA and Transnet as well as the Operator that moves a container from ship to stack to truck to retail stores before those goods lands to a consumer, it is the Bin/Garbage collector, the Truck, Taxi and Ambulance driver, it is the Medical Doctor and Nurse that spends sleepless nights worried about another patient while the other one perished in his/her hands, is the Telecommunication Technician at Vodacom, Telkom, Mtn, and Cell C that is making sure we are able to connect and converse to one another amid of crisis, it is the Production team incl the journalist in the streets for us (people) from SABC and Multichoice ensuring the civilians are well alert of current state affairs throughout the day, it is the Pastors and Traditional healers depending on individual belief that counsel our people during this time of hardship, most of them all is the Maid/Nanny that look after children whilst these essential people are out there making sure each member of the state is able to survive yet another day. #COVID-19

This time COVID-19


I have seen medical doctors and nurses crying fearful of their lives,

I have heard Business owner’s, CEO’s of big organizations such as Edcon weeping in need of keeping companies afloat amid and beyond the virus, most importantly to be able to pay salaries and preserve peoples jobs,

People are dying the whole night and day while some remain infected and overwhelmed with anxiety.

Yet other children are at work, parents are worried sick and grandkids are left alone at home.

A greatest test of all times.

Beyond Corona 🦠

One thing positive about the whole corona virus is it’s openness.

Solidarity – Government support and stakeholders, businesses and health organizations, communities around the globe. It’s amazing, and most of it all is the people’s disclosure of corona virus which has normalized the virus in such a way that it has become so easier to willingly get examined and so easy to say; “I have contracted corona” than it is to say; “I have HIV/AIDS”.

Maybe after the whole thing is over and there are some people left… we need to look at this close in terms of varying numbers of HIV/AIDS victims across the globe, hold hands, offer support, donate funds as it is happening now, and have one voice, who knows HIV/AIDS might be conquered aswell.

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